Children's Ministry

The mission for Children’s Ministry is to introduce the kids to Jesus, foster that relationship, and through games, activities, stories, songs, and crafts, provide concepts that will shape a biblical view of the world for our kids. With Jesus as our example, Door of Hope Children’s Ministry seeks to demonstrate the heart of God for children. We have an amazing team of faithful volunteers who facilitate this time with the kids in age appropriate ways.

When do you meet?

During Sunday services at 8:45am and 10:45am.

Ages 0-1

In the infant room, we take the utmost care of our tiniest Door of Hope members, showing them the love of God through snuggles, songs, and playtime.

Ages 2-3

Twos and Threes are little individualists who don’t fit in groups, and who need to be taught and loved individually. They’re wiggly and need freedom to move. They’re short on words and need to learn ideas in association with activities that will give the ideas meaning.

Because of this, we spend the service time with the twos and threes by playing and interacting with them all the while speaking God’s truth to them. The kids hear a story from the Bible, have a snack, play games, and sing songs.

Ages 4-5

In contrast to Twos and Threes, Fours and Fives are interested in each other. They play together. They listen to each other. They cooperate. They now can feel involved when part of a group. They don’t require that talking-just-to-me approach used to hold the attention of a younger child. However, they can’t read yet. While they have a larger vocabulary, fours and fives still learn best when words are made meaningful by experience.

They still wiggle and want to move, and need basic truths that will help them build a biblical picture of themselves and the world in which they live. In the Fours’ and Fives’ room, we play games, sing, dance, hear/see a story, and make a craft. Each one of these activities aims to point these little ones to Jesus.

Ages 6-8

Six to Eights are a wild bunch, and we love them a lot! They are in grade school by now and can sit down and pay attention much longer than a 4 year old can. Because of this, we make our story time in this room a bit longer and more interactive. We really desire to meet the kids in their individual learning strengths.

Some kids learn best by listening, others by visuals, still others by experience and moving around. It’s because of this, we play games, hear stories, make crafts, and sing songs. With Jesus at the center, we love the kids and make it our goal to have the stories of the Bible jump off the page and into their hearts.

Ages 9-11

Just like adults, children have needs which must be met by the Lord. The children don’t suddenly wake up with a full knowledge of God when reaching their teens. Childhood is a key time for foundational experiences with God. However, we must be careful when we teach the children that we aren’t merely teaching vocabulary. There should be a personal response to God based on an understanding of His work in Christ.

In the Nine, Ten, and Elevens’ room, we focus on that response, and take building relationships with the kids seriously. Our desire for the kids is to know us and be known by us. With the Scriptures as our main source of content, we learn together about what Jesus has done for us, what He continues to do, and why it matters.


While we understand the responsibility and privilege to nurture their relationship with God, we believe that parents are preeminent in their role. As parents shepherd their kids through Scripture, our children’s ministry serves as reinforcement to their teaching. Upon turning 12 children are encouraged to join the main Sunday gathering and continue learning and worshiping alongside their parents, other adults and youth.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Marc Le Roux

Associate Pastor - Children's Ministry, Elder