Serve on Sundays

The Welcome Ministries at Door of Hope are a direct expression of our desire to live a life of service, just as Jesus did. We have structured the preparation for Sunday services into 8 different volunteer teams that all serve to create a warm and hospitable environment for the entire community. Under the fold of our Welcome Ministries are the following teams:


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Communion is an integral part of our Sunday gathering as as a celebration of the sacrament that symbolizes the body and blood of Christ. The elements of communion are then visible words that convey the teaching of Jesus concerning redemption. Having the bread and the cup prepared and prayed over before every service is vital to our gatherings.

Tasks: Cutting bread and preparing the cup of juice for the communion stations. Praying over the communion elements. Cleaning up and washing all of the communion supplies and stations.

Time commitment: Once­ – twice a month during one service


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One of the key elements to a hospitable church environment is a friendly welcome. The Greeting team seeks to welcome the community with a warm hello, provide help locating different areas within the building, and connecting people to ministry resources.

Tasks: Praying over the church services, greeting before service, directing attendees to ministry locations throughout the building and connecting attendees to ministry resources.

Time commitment: Once­ – twice a month during one service


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A community devoted to Jesus is a community devoted to prayer. On the prayer team we seek to cover the various needs of the church in prayer both during the service with people and during the week through fasting and intercessory prayer.

Tasks: Intercessory prayer: fasting and praying in solitude over the needs of the church body. Sunday Prayer: Praying before the service individually and with the prayer team. Praying with/guiding attendees in prayer during the reflective time of worship after the sermon.

Time commitment: Intercessory Prayer serves 1­ 4 days a month of individual prayer & fasting. Sunday Prayer serves once ­– twice a month during one service and occasionally serving during other schedule events at the NE building.


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The care and safety of our community, especially children, is of the utmost priority during our Sunday gatherings. The safety team seeks to keep the building and its occupants safe while also being prepared to respond to medical emergencies or threatening situations.

Tasks: Standing watch over a specified area of the building, specifically areas where children’s classes are taking place and inside the auditorium where the Sunday gatherings take place.

Time commitment: Once – twice a month serving outside of the auditorium for one service followed/preceded by observing inside the auditorium for the second service.

Setup/Tear Down

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Every week our children’s ministry area requires extensive setup and tear down. The Setup/Teardown team aids in making sure each of the classrooms are prepared with ease of use and safety in mind.

Tasks: Carting children’s ministry, bookstore and coffee items to and from storage and helping children’s ministry volunteers set up there classrooms.

Time commitment: Once – twice a month during one service


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The bookstore is our main resource hub for church information, recommended literature and Deeper Well albums. Volunteers at the bookstore help connect people to the body life of the church while also aiding in sales and inventory organization of for sale merchandise.

Tasks: connecting attendees to online resources via Ipad. Ring up sales and tender cash. Take inventory of stock. Welcome new guests and answer various questions regarding services, events and volunteer opportunities. Direct attendees to designated areas around the building.

Time commitment: Once – twice a month during one service.

Children's Ministry

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Our heart is that children would experience the love of Jesus in community, and become devoted followers of him! Our team of dedicated volunteers play a vital role in making age-appropriate Bible teaching and activities available to all ages at Door of Hope.

Tasks: The tasks of our children’s workers are varied but generally involve setting up of rooms, receiving children, and safely and lovingly guiding them through the lessons and activities. Some of the more specialized tasks include leading teams, teaching/storytelling, leading worship, and preparing craft.

Time commitment: Typically one service two Sundays a month.

Media Team

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To serve the church by offering digital visual guides in the service by displaying song lyrics for the worship and notes for the sermon.

Tasks: Come early before service to coordinate song lyrics with the worship team and notes/visual aids with the speaking pastor as well as any announcements. Follow along during the service to correctly display things at the proper time.

Time Commitment: Once per month. There are also opportunities to serve at other events going on at the NE building.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Holly Winchell

Director of Welcome Ministries