We believe that generosity is a product of gratitude which is the proper response to the grace of Jesus Christ. As we understand the extravagance of His generosity, we are moved to gratitude. As we become more like him, we will become more generous.

Generosity is a whole-self-giving of all that we have received to others for their benefit. We have been entrusted with a finite amount of time – how will we use it? We have been given financial and material resources – who is in need? God has gifted each of us with unique abilities that are not meant to be hoarded for personal satisfaction, but shared with others.

Generosity cannot be broken into pieces and understood properly. Generosity must be a whole way of life and a part of your identity as a follower of Jesus. He wants you – all of you – and not just a part of you. He doesn’t want your money. Jesus doesn’t want your mind. Jesus wants YOU.

Generosity is a discipline that we practice as a community. Having all things in common does not come easy, and we need each other to learn how to share needs and abundance with equal enthusiasm.