Evan Way

Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe tomorrow
Everything will change
Back to the day when my dad gave me a name

And I won’t waste my time
On things that go away
Maybe tomorrow will be different than today

Maybe tomorrow
The sun won’t even rise
Maybe tomorrow you’ll look into my eyes

And you’ll see all the things
That were never there before
Maybe tomorrow I’ll be the one that you adore

Maybe tomorrow
The past will disappear
Maybe tomorrow, finally I will hear

A voice from the sky
Saying “Evan, it’s alright”
Maybe tomorrow – maybe tonight

And these keys will lock every single door
And the ones that are open won’t be open anymore
And I’ll stand in the dark, just looking at my hands
Maybe tomorrow the rock will turn to sand
Maybe tomorrow the sea will turn to land

Maybe tomorrow
Everything will change
But maybe tomorrow is such a stupid game

And I refuse to play, so don’t listen when I say
That maybe tomorrow everything will change