Wesley Randolph Eader

Of Old It Was Recorded

Of old it was recorded
In new it was begotten
The Word became flesh
And with authority He spoke

Light stepped into darkness
Against the laws of Moses
It finally was fulfilled
By the example that He gave


Calvary was meant for me
Oh my God, how can it be?
From sin and guilt I’ve been set free
He paid my price on that awful tree

His glory’s in my soul
It fills and overflows
There’s nothing I’d rather know
Than the fullness of my sweet savior’s face
Than the fullness of my sweet savior’s face

Sins they were forgiven
By words that He had spoken
The sick and blind were healed
By His blessed hand

His essence was conviction
The world could not contain Him
He suffered for their sake
Though they know not what He did


His grace does not diminish
Eternally it’s poured out
His truth remains unfathomed
Yet forever known

Salvation runs forever
Down the lonesome hillside
Where on that fateful day
The son of man was slain


  • Guitar, Vocal & Songwriter - Wesley Randolph Eader
  • 12-String Guitar & Vocal - Ben Michel
  • Banjo & Vocal - Eric Earley
  • Camera, Director & Editor - Braden Spotts